Halfway Detroit is multi-disciplinary atelier that features coffee from local vendors, snacks, and cocktails with rotating DJ's and live events. Since our inception, we are committed to socially engaging and empowering aspiring artists, and makers within the Metro Detroit Area.

By partnering with local, community based companies, we facilitate social connections and provide our members with access to our creative space as well as offering a curated list of events, sponsored workshops and other resources within our creative community.

The Space

Our atelier is housed in the building previously occupied by Wayne Foundry and Stamping. The building dates back to 1896, where it served as a machine stop for the Railway Steel Spring Company that made locomotive and car tires, as well other components. The shop was taken over by Wayne Foundry and Stamping in 1932 that specialized in automotive, aerospace, and heavy transportation products.

Halfway Detroit reimagines the 13,400 sq. ft as an light filled atrium. We've divided our space into three sections: The coffee house, The Product Wall, and The Meeting Room.

Why Halfway Detroit?

Halfway Detroit is derivative of the phrase "Halfway House." Similar to a Halfway House, we operate in a two-phase model while being a Halfway point for progression. Our first phase, is to become a residence for artists, entrepreneurs, and creatives in "limbo" who seek the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and forge connections and relationships. Our second phase, is facilitating those connections, within our space to equip our customers with the necessary tools to take the next step in their careers.

Our hope is that our customers will strive to explore beyond their comfort zones, and establish relationships that will lead to projects, entrepreneurial opportunities and other objectives that bring further opportunity to Detroit.

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